Moving Mountains is a studio rooted in industrial design practices, combining forms at the intersection of design, art, and fashion. Working with regional craftsmen and fabricators, the studio produces furniture as well as its own line of accessories. All MM products are made in the USA and exude a refined sense of simplicity and artful functionality able to withstand the test of time. The studio also provides general design services as well as consulting in the home furnishings industry.

All furniture pieces are handcrafted of solid wood and built to last for a long time. Occasionally the studio may have stock of an item but they are usually made to order so please contact the studio for lead time and delivery quote. Whether you require a special size, finish or would like to commission an original piece, the studio is happy to discuss your needs.

The name Moving Mountains is both an allusion and tribute to the Hawaiian archipelago and its imperceptible movement northwestward. In fact, all mountains are moving on this planet but the Hawaiian Islands are possibly the most explicit example of this geological phenomena. Though born and raised in Hawaii, Syrette Lew managed to find her way to yet another island 5000 miles away. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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